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Vipassana is not for you or me!

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Something is gained whenever you do something difficult and Vipassana exactly that, as it is taught currently by different SN Goenka affiliated Vipassana centers.  First you give pain to your body and then release it and enjoy that relaxation and that is what current day vipassana is.  Vipassana is closely related to your hormones.  Out of pain there is secretion of endorphin hormone which is responsible for  little joy.

Vipassana provides that painful environment and then it produces some joyful experiences.  If you are dull and want to give pain to your body and mind, vipassana may be good for you.



Vipassana wasn’t for me. The staff of the meditation center are all volunteers who are genuinely interested in helping others. I have completed 10 days  Vipassana retreat successfully.  The silence part is very good. But somehow I feel lot of improvements are needed based on scientific studies.  The Joy of Vipassana retreat is a kind of negative joy. It is not a spontaneous joy of happiness.




Author: Simon Wan

I enjoy every moment of my life. I like yoga and meditation.

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