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Family Yoga

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I am a great fan of family yoga. Family yoga brings the family together for yoga, expressive movement, play and relaxation. The best thing is that this is a great opportunity for your entire family to share an activity together.

family yoga

family yoga

It provides special time for families to explore yoga together and share in positive ways. We use yoga poses, movement, games, breath work and relaxation exercises to make the class fun, creative and non-competitive. The classes are relaxing, invigorating, challenging, full of laughter and calm. And, best of all, you get to bond with your family. Family yoga classes are designed to be fun as well as relaxing. It includes hikes, walks, cycling, jogging, swimming, playing tug of war, canoeing, playing sports, etc.
family yoga exercise

family yoga exercise

Younger children are more interested flexing their bodies into different shapes – cat, dog, turtle, lion, cobra – with stories and discussion about eating healthily.

Author: Simon Wan

I enjoy every moment of my life. I like yoga and meditation.

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