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Mantra yoga and Seven Chakra Mantras

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Mantra yoga is a powerful technique. The sound, when properly chanted directly begins to open the chakra point. The mantra yoga is a gradual and slow process. It should be practiced slowly and with patience. If the practitioner is not physically ready for dealing with the greater flow of energy those results from opening the chakra, it can lead to obstacles and imbalances.

Yoga is a Sanskrit term, which means union. Mantra Yoga, as the name suggests, makes use of mantras (sacred words) or seed sound to attain increase the meditation power. Since the mind wanders so much, the music of a mantra easily rescues the mind and brings it back to the object of one’s meditation. The mantras are chanted by the person in a thoughtful way, in order to attain certain goals. Mantra Yoga inproves one’s mental & physical health and helps eliminate a number of disorders, including psychosomatic ailments and the problems of anxiety, stress and tension. It boosts the person’s self-confidence as well.


1st CHAKRA: Root: Lam (Laaammm)
2nd CHAKRA: Sacral: Vam (Vaaaaamm)
3rd CHAKRA: Solar: Ram (Raaammm)
4th CHAKRA: Heart: Yam (Yaaammm)
5th CHAKRA: Throat: Ham(Haaammm)
6th CHAKRA: Third Eye: OM(Oooomm)
7th CHAKRA: Crown: All (Aaaaallllll)

A chakra is an energy vortex that resides in a particular location along the spine in the energetic body of man. The first chakra resides at the very base and the last at the crown of the head, with the others in between. Each chakra is responsible for the health of the organs and glands in it’s region and also responsible for certain personality traits and characteristics. Opening and balancing the chakra points, means to heal and rejuvenate the organs in the region of that chakra, and to balance the associated personality traits.

Author: Simon Wan

I enjoy every moment of my life. I like yoga and meditation.

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