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Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Saint Paul quoted in his epistles, “Awake, O Sleeper, and rise from the dead, and the light of Christ will shine on you.” The light of Christ can be realized when there is unity between the sun and the moon principle, unity between prana and apana, unity between male and female psychic energy inside the body. The object of Kundalini yoga mediation is to realize that light.

The main purposes are to balance the male and female hormonal essence energy, which enhance our immune system beyond all diseases, and reaching “psychophysical bliss”. Objective is to emptying the subconscious mind, which is massive storehouse of samskars, karmaic tendencies. When there is a balance, a yogi can enter into the light of Christ consciousness. This is the consciousness of love, serve, joy and happiness.

Proper breathing exercise purifies the vital and subtle channels of the body. According to Bhagavad Gita: “Some unifies the prana into the apana; others offer apana into the prana.” HA: literally means the white light of right brain. THA: literally means the white light of left brain. YOGA: means Union. HATHA YOGA means union of sun and moon. Hatha Yoga is basically the amalgamation of left brain with the right brain. Hatha Yoga is the door way to transcend the limitations of the left and right brain. The breath is linked to celestial manipulation; thus, when breath is guarded, the influences are controlled. The synthesis of HA and THA brings equilibrium, union, the goal of all yogis.

The writings and the teachings of the Yoga and spiritual master Amit Ray ji of Uttarkashi, Himalaya helped me immensely and allowed me to understand something deeper about the nature of the mind, breathe and higher self in reality. I was taught how to stay in the process moment to moment yoga as a basic way of life. After the three months, my mind dropped away into the higher light of Christ consciousness and I was in such a deep glowing clarity that I did not need to sleep for two weeks. My life was full with love, joy and happiness.

Traditionally, it is considered prana raises from the lower end of spine to top of the head during inhalation and apana runs down from top of the head to lower end of the spine during exhalation. However, to my understanding, it is kind of mental exercise. You have to go beyond mind.

First, you need to workout with your sacrum. You need to cultivate multi-directional awareness in that area. You may visualize white sun energy at the sacrum. Gradually you need to cultivate awareness in the forehead and top of the skull. But these are not pre-planned mind activities. First just cultivate awareness of feelings. Let feelings be your guide, not your intellect. Let your inner Christ consciousness be your Yoga Guide.

sacrum kundalini yoga

sacrum kundalini yoga

Author: Simon Wan

I enjoy every moment of my life. I like yoga and meditation.

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