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Seven Chakra Energy and Yoga Poses Basics

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From the right hand side of the spine, the male/ active energy form is called “Ida”. In Kriya yoga posture exercise Ida under goes three kinds of neurogenesis during meditation in  the spinal cord  area. On the other hand, the left hand side of the spine, the female / passive energy form is called the “Pingala” is activated by alternate nasal breathing with mantra chanting in the right hand side. These two snake-like channels along with the middle one coils up along the spine up to the brain.    the chakras lie along the spine, these channels influence the centers of all the chakras. Thus being able to control the flow of energy through these channels helps you develop your psychic ability. This is said to help you reach your final goal of self mastery and nirvana.

Kundalini energy is used to wake up the seven chakras in the body so that there can be a amalgamation of “Shakti” and “Shiva.”  The conflicting table like energy yoga posture is a great sequence to energizing the spinal energy. . Obstructions of this spiritual energy cause an unhealthy comeback that may be manifested as disease and a variety of other health situation. By utilizing warm soft pressure in the chakra locations we can manipulate energy centres in the body.

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