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Benefits of Daily Vipassana Medition

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For doing Vipassana meditation you don’t need to go any where. Vipassan is about fully available with your self.  Just when you walk on the road became aware of your steps. When you are writing something on your computer, be aware about your finger movements. When you are relaxing on a chair be aware about the positions of your body and spinal cord. When you are feeling warm or cold just observed that sensation.

Vipassana is not for increasing your pain. It is for pain relaxation. It is very popular practice to go for a ten day Vipasana retreat.  That is not Vipassana. That is a kind of pian addiction meditation. Many people suffer a lot in those meditation retreats. Even some under goes neurological imbalances.  First they increase your pain and due to that there will be some endorphin secretion around the fifth day. You will feel some bliss out of that. That pain addiction is not Vipassana.
For doing true Vipassana you do not need to go anywhere. During your regular routine life, you can do better Vippasana meditation.

Just bring awareness in your every movement. Observe yourselves as much as possible.  Ten to twenty minutes regular true Vipassana mediation is very good for health. The major benefits are:

  1. Eliminates stress and anxiety in life.
  2. Develop more inner wisdom
  3. Reduce mental chatter.
  4. Improve your overall health.
  5. You can develop better relationships with others.
Daily Vipassana Meditation

Daily Vipassana Meditation

Author: Simon Wan

I enjoy every moment of my life. I like yoga and meditation.

One thought on “Benefits of Daily Vipassana Medition

  1. wow ! .. good take on vipassana meditation ! I was just going to do another 10 dayer. I have completed 12 (10 day courses) over the past 10 years and still I am still not a regular sitter. You have made me indecisive. Hmmm .. i will observe this indecisiveness

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