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Deep Chi Energy Meditation:

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Chi Energy Meditation:

Chi energy meditation is one of the most popular meditation technique in USA. It is having several benefits. The main benefit of Chi energy meditation is vitality and energy enhancement. If in your daily life you are lacking energy, you must do 20 minutes of daily chi energy meditation. You can do your Chi energy meditation in the morning as well as in the evening.  There are thirty specific ways to build the chi energies in the body.  Strong chi energy is synonymous with mental clarity and physical vitality.

Steps of Chi Energy Meditation:

Step  1: Rub your palms to activate the Chi energy in your palm, and massage your face with the Chi.

Step 2: The tongue is placed into the roof of the mouth known as the Magpie Mudra’, which acts as a kind of switch which completes the Chi energy circuit so that too much energy cannot build up in the head which can lead to headaches or even hallucinations. This practice of tongue in the roof of the mouth also encourages the flow of saliva which has a cooling effect when swallowed which helps to offset the physiological heat of the exercises, but which can also be purified and transmuted into the ‘Nectar of Heaven’ which alchemists claimed will lead to immortality.

Step 3: Directs the chi energy internally through the channels. During this time perform natural breath or diaphragmatic breathing. This encourages a free flow of healthy chi energy throughout the bodies natural energy system.

Step 4: Still meditation. Do 10 minutes stillness meditation. Step 5: Ending Slowly open your eyes, and calmly return to your normal self. Rest the two palms horizontally before you face, with the palms up. Turn the palms down, press the air of  Chi  energy below your palms down. Move palms downward and stop at the abdomen level, as if storing the Chi energy to your stomach.

Chi energy and lifestyle choices:

Your lifestyle is directly related to your chi energy. You need to work with your food habits, sleep and clutter free house for keeping the chi energy healthy.

Author: Simon Wan

I enjoy every moment of my life. I like yoga and meditation.

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